GEt involved!

Teamwork really does make the dream work. Outside of our warm and awesome staff, we lean on our surrounding community of amazingly generous leaders and thinkers to push our endeavors forward. There are a variety of ways you can get involved, whether it be side by side in person with our gyrls or supporting their dreams with an easy payment from your smartphone. Everything counts.



We can all agree that time and goals are the most valuable things you can set aside for yourself and others. Not every girl has a strong support but by building a network of inspiring adults, we believe we can make true change in our Gyrls' futures. If any initiative of ours peaks your interest, feel free to join in!


We are consistently trying to involve our Gyrls in activities where learning and social skills are key. Simple things like seeing an inspiring film, giving back to the community and college prep are just a few. If you or an associate have suggestions or connections on venues or tickets to positive activities, let us know!



Studies prove that with a mentor, students are dramatically less likely to skip class, try drugs or miss out on college, while more likely to partake in sports, volunteering and leadership positions. Think you would make a great mentor? Join our mentorship program


Some Gyrl Wonders can't save the world in person but can do so via pocketbook. Well, that's awesome too! Donations make dreams a reality. We use 100% of your contribution toward programming and events. Anything helps, please email us at